The expatriate’s integration will be easier if he can speak the language and knows the culture of his host country.

INEXPAT offers cross-cultural training sessions “Living and Working in France” to expats arriving in France. The sessions are generally in English, but can also take place in other languages. The training is a privileged opportunity to answer all the newcomer’s concerns and to reassure them.

Training modules in French as a Foreign Language are offered to those who wish to perfect their knowledge of French. Training methods are always adapted to the expat’s level and availability.

For French people preparing to leave to another country, intercultural trainings are organized as a preparation to their expatriation. The cultural approach of the country of destination is carried out by a native trainer or by someone who has a significant experience with the country.

Specific sessions such as risk management and prevention in a hostile country can also be provided.

Our training organisation is “datadocked”, which means that we respond to quality requirements established by professional training funders. Therefore, your employee’s training can be financed by the company’s OPCA.

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