Lockdown – Our team remains operational in accordance with sanitary measures

09 November 2020

Our team adapts to the current situation. We keep welcoming and assisting your international employees in accordance with health and safety measures.

Good to know :

✓  Borders inside the EU remain open. Borders outside the EU are closed, but with exceptions. Passeport Talent visa holders, for example, can arrive and their family as well, under sanitary conditions.

✓  Consulates and Préfectures remain operational. Authorized visas and resident permits are still delivered. However, expect delays to be longer.

✓  Bank account openings can take place, with respect to sanitary measures.

✓  Home search remains possible thanks to virtual viewings. We adapt our services and we assist your employees in all their formalities, as usual.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question: info@inexpat.com

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