“Innovative Company” visa or FrenchTech visa : who is it for ?

28 September 2020

The FrenchTech visa was created in 2017 in order to increase France’s attractivity. It was first destined to French tech start-ups in hypergrowth. Since 2019, however, it has been extended to all companies that can be recognised as innovative.

The advantage of a visa « Passeport Talent – Salarié d’une Jeune Entreprise Innovante » is that the procedure to obtain it is simplified. The conditions are not based on the degree or years of experience, but on :

  • the salary : more than twice the French minimum wage (36 946€ on 01.01.2020)
  • the work contract : duration of more than 3 months
  • the position that must be related to the innovative character of the company

It is worth noting that the JEI visa can be extended to the spouse and minor children. It is valid for 4 years, renewable.

In order to benefit from the FrenchTech visa and its simplified procedure, the company has to meet certain requirements and obtain a letter certifying its innovative character. This can be done online !

Are you recruiting an international Talent? Are you unsure as to which procedure to follow? We can study your file and take care of all the formalities, from requesting the visa to receiving the resident permit. Feel free to contact us via info@inexpat.com.

For more information: lafrenchtech.comwelcometofrance.com

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