How to secure your rent?

22 April 2020

Landlords & real estate agents often require a deposit or a guarantor for the payment of your rent. Coming from abroad, you may encounter issues with your application: no guarantor in France, trial period in your work contract, missing documents due to your recent arrival in France, etc.



Here are some tips for you:

– For those that are under 30 or on a trial period: Visale may be your guarantor for rents up to 1300 € or 1500 € depending on your location

More information on Visale

– For all: GarantMe proposes an insurance for unpaid rent, easy to set-up.

More information on GarantMe

In any case, we recommend to prepare your guarantor certificate before you start searching for a home. Our team will support you and prepare your documents if you use our services.

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