Finding an appartment in Paris in one day is possible with Inexpat !

15 February 2021

Finding an appartment in Paris is a headache. People waiting in lines to visit, landlords asking for unexisting documents and impossible guarantees, appartments gone within 24 hours … Unless they dedicate a week off to do their home search, your employees won’t be able to do it alone.

With the help of Inexpat, however, your expat will only need one day of viewings to find his Parisian dream home.

How is that possible ?

Your employee tells us his needs and preferences. Inexpat adjusts some criteria if they do not match the market possibilities.

We plan a day of viewings with appartments that correspond to your expat’s needs and desires, and we prepare his application file.

We accompany your employee to viewings and book the flat directly afterwards, so that they can enter their new home the following week.

Are you sending a co-worker to Paris ? Make their adaptation easier and offer them the services of Inexpat !

Good to know : if they are elligible, your employees can benefit from the Mobilipass grant, which covers our service’s costs.

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